When Your Creativity Outgrows Your Circumstance

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creativity, world view, potential, seasons of life, grow,The creative’s world-view is expansive. You see the whole picture.  Your life is founded on growth and you feed on potential.  It seems so strange that others can’t step back, consider where we are now and where we want to be, and simply take the steps to get there.  You know there is always room for improvement.

The fact that some people are so close minded often frustrates the artist.  When there is an infinity out there calling us to grow and expand and use the limitless capacity that each one of us has, why would anyone be content to stagnate and tread water?

You may find yourself in a situation where your world-view is too big.  It intimidates smaller minded people.  You’re told to follow procedure, take orders, and don’t get so excited.  That’s not how we do it around here.

Don’t settle.  You don’t have to conform to mediocrity. 

Not all places are suitable for your talents.  Though some positions may call for your exact skill set, the ability to reach your full potential may not be there.  They just don’t have the capacity to grow with you.  Before long, you hit a ceiling.  When you hit that ceiling, then it’s time for a do-over.  A jump.  You’ll never be happy or satisfied again in that position, even though it “fits you perfectly.”

It’s possible to outgrow a job, a relationship, a ministry.  You may be stunned for a bit when it happens.  It may seem sad and unjust.  But it will always happen to people who grow.  Eventually.

The world was created in circles.  There is a cycle to everything and the seasons of your life are no different.  There are summers of toil and hard work.  The autumns full of abundant harvest.  The winters of scarcity and endings.  The springs of potential and new beginnings.

You may be facing a winter in your life right now.  But spring always follows winter.  Always.  The circle never goes backwards.  Your obligation to yourself is to keep expanding with every spring.  Keep growing.  Keep learning.  The mind is boundless.  There is no limit to how much you can fill it with.

The hermit crab finds a new home every time it outgrows the last one.  Instinct tells it when it’s time to move up.  Your instincts are telling you too.  Now.  Right now.  It’s too cramped in here.

You’ll know when you’ve reached the limit in your situation.  You’ll feel restricted, dissatisfied, and unappreciated.  If you current position does not have the capacity to grow with you, then find somewhere bigger.  You’ve gone as far as you can go here.

But what about contentment?  Aren’t you supposed to be happy where you are?

Happiness has nothing to do with contentment.  Contentment means to be grateful for what you have while working for what you want.  Keep your optimism up.  Thankfulness opens doors of opportunity.  Cynicism closes doors.

Be thankful for your skills and passions instead of cynical about where you can’t use them.  Work towards what makes you come alive.  Then the right space will open up for you.  Then you can grow again.

Until the next season.

What season are you going through in your life?  Can you still see personal growth in your current situation?  You can leave your comment here

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