The Man Behind My Tiara

Father's Day, man, husband, dad, provide, love, Christian, protect, hero

Father's Day, man, husband, dad, provide, love, Christian, protect, heroMom’s are heralded on Mother’s Day for their daily sacrifices, hard work, and our ability to adapt to whatever role is needed at any given time.

I feel like Father’s Day has a different theme to it.  Dads, while needed and appreciated, are often chided for not measuring up to scripture, admonished to be better examples for their children, and cautioned to be more loving toward their wives.

Dads have a tough job.  They are required to be strong and gentle at the same time.  Loving yet leading.  Gathering and giving.  Adventurous and stable.  Brave but vulnerable.  He slays the dragons at work, scares away monsters under the beds, and meets trouble at the door.  But he’s also mama’s romancer, daughter’s first date, and son’s partner in adventure.

My husband has laid a strong foundation for our family.  He is the main supporter of our many interests and adventures. And he’s always quick to invite us to share in his.  He shows us love by holding our hands and guiding us in the right direction without quenching dreams or belittling ideas.  He’s not afraid to be a Christian and he lives it in a thousand different ways.   He leads by example because words are only as good as the actions behind them.

It’s said that moms wear many hats.  Nurse, chef, teacher, housekeeper, chauffeur, organizer, meal planner, errand runner, finance strategist.  But, for me, all of these hats are really just one hat.  I feel like my opportunity to be a mother is a crown of love from my husband.  His consistent love, sacrifice, and work makes me feel like a queen everyday, and ours the royal family.

So while Mommy gets to wear her mommy hats out in public, Daddy’s medals of honor, awards of achievement, and hunting trophies are on display at home.  That’s where they mean the most. Because that’s where Dad is loved the most.

So, thanks Babe for taking on all the job requirements that go with being a dad.  All that you do for us has not gone unnoticed.  You’ve laid the world at our feet.  You’re my hero.  XOXOXO

What dad are you thankful for this Father’s day?  Do you have any stories of how your dad or husband did something awesome for your family yet completely unnoticed by the rest of the world? Comment here.

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