Superheroes Don’t Need Jobs

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talent, job, creativity, stress, schedule, control, create, You’ve finally accepted your creativity and decided to grow it instead of suppress it.  You made some art and put it out there.  People love it.  At least, the right people love it.  They tell you, “That’s awesome.  You should do that.  You should sell that.”

And you think, Great idea.

So, you start a business.  You advertise.  You get customers.  You get deadlines.  You get responsibilities.  You get a boss.

You want the freedom that comes with being creative, running a business and being your own boss.  The problem is that you are your own worst critic.  A hard task-master with high expectations.

You end up with a job.

It happens.  But it doesn’t have to.

You can be creative.  You can make money with your talent.  And you can keep your talent from becoming a job.

Here’s a few ways you can do that.

#1. You set the schedule.

When you commit to a project, don’t estimate when it will be done based entirely on the amount of time it takes to complete it.  Think, also, about when you want to have it done.  If next week seems like a rush, push it out two more weeks.  Then, if you complete early, your customer will be super impressed.  This falls under the “under promise, over deliver” category.

#2. You choose the clients/ projects.

Pick projects that you want to do.  Work with people you want to work with.  If the clients is going to be a pain, or the project is too big, too boring, or too tedious, you get to say no.  You get to.  You don’t have to take it.  You don’t have to turn it down.  However, you do get to decide.

#3. Reward yourself.

You are putting yourself into this thing.  Your creativity is nothing without you.  Think about it.  You’re a superhero.  You are taking something intangible and making it tangible.  You are making something immortal out of something mortal.  You are pulling order out of chaos.  You are awesome.

The work is hard.  No doubt about that.  Every creative adventure is like squeezing the juice from a lemon.  You feel wrung out when it’s done.  Satisfied, but wrung out.  Reward your hard work.  Whatever you want.  A bath.  A book.  A night out.  A chocolate.  A coffee.

Superheroes don’t need jobs.  The reward is not the money.  The reward is the satisfaction of doing something well that only you can do.  These little treats are a reward, not for the work, but for being you.  For being awesome.  You’re not rewarding the work, you’re rewarding the talent.

#4.  You’re worth it.

You’re worth the money.  You’re worth the reward.  You’re worth the accolades.

I don’t use the term deserve because deserve sounds like entitlement.  We aren’t entitled to anything in this life.  We have a right to pursue happiness, pleasure, and purpose, but we don’t deserve it.

You’re worth it, though.  You are a rarity.  There isn’t anyone else like you with your skill set.  That alone makes you extremely valuable.  It makes your work valuable too.  It’s worth the effort it takes to share your creativity.

Keep your focus on talent.

It’s your talent, it’s your time, it’s your life.  You decide and you control it.  Don’t let your talent become a job.  We need you to enjoy it so you’ll keep sharing it with us.

Because no one can do it like you do.


Is the thought of your talent becoming just another job stopping you from sharing?  Have you let your talent become a job?  What are you doing to change that?  Leave your comments here.

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