Stop and Flow

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Where the tutor can’t teach

And the pastor can’t preach

Where the hope doesn’t heal

And the revelation doesn’t reveal.



Where the passion has no purpose

And the interests have inertia

Where the desire loses distance

And the reason finds resistance.



Where the emotions don’t come easy

And the quiet makes one queasy

Where the ideas are invaded

And the wisdom is wasted.



Where the love is late

And the heart breeds hate

Where the rumors go ’round

And the dreams are drowned.



Where the deeds are damned

And the plans aren’t planned

Where the best is blotted

And the least is lauded.



If the truth is trusted

Then the mind is mustered

When the prayers are prayed

Art is unafraid.



by Miranda

Being a blocked artist starts to feel claustrophobic before long.  You start to feel like you’re being thwarted at every turn.  You feel the walls closing in and the box getting smaller.

Come on, Creative!

It’s all in your head.  Imagine a way out.  Trust your truth.  Get going!

Does anyone relate to these completely frustrating feelings? Where do you find your outlet? Comment here.

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