Simple Ways To Invest In Others

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invest, friends, work, together, ability, talent


We need each other.

It’s pretty easy to get focused on ourselves in life.  We’re intent on getting the best out of everything.  We’re going to live the high life and do what it takes to take care of me and mine.  And that’s okay.  But don’t forget that to get the best requires tapping into the abilities and talents of others.

I can’t take care of everything by myself.  I can’t fix my car, I’m not a mechanic.  I can’t rewire my house, I’m not an electrician.  I can’t plow the snow out of my own yard, I don’t have a snowplow.

I don’t have the knowledge, tools, or the motivation to do any of those things.  However, there are other people that can do those things.  They have the knowledge.  They obtained the knowledge for the purpose of helping others.  Some may have the right tools and are waiting for someone to ask for their help.


We all have different talents and abilities.

I, personally, don’t have a talent for making small talk in a crowd of strangers.  I feel awkward, stumble on my words, look for a place to hide, and generally make it uncomfortable for everyone involved.

I have a friend that lives for talking.  We make a good team.  She makes the small talk, learns everyone’s name and makes the introductions.  Once past that initial breaking of the ice, I’m ready to join the conversation.  When the topic turns philosophical, my friend finds someone else to chat with while I’m in my glory.


Be an encouraging friend.  

It’s so important that we encourage those around us to tap into their natural talents and abilities.  To work on them, practice them, and grow.  We all make up a community and have the same goal, individually and collectively.  To win.  I want helpful people in my corner.

Take time to foster relationships with a variety of people.  You never know when you might need the very talent they have.  And they may just be waiting for someone to ask them for some help.

Think about it.  It’s a pretty awesome feeling to win a race.  But it’s more exciting to play as a team and your team wins.  Then you have others to celebrate with.

Investing in others around you doesn’t have to be hard.  It only takes a little time and an honest effort.

1. Compliment them on their talent.  

We often discredit our own talents.  Complimenting someone on their talent helps them to see that it is an area where they excel.  It’s also something that is unique to them and is needed by others.  Everyone wants to be needed.

2. Ask them to help you with a project that needs their talent.

By putting their talent to use, you are showing them how much it’s needed.  It gives them a chance to practice what they know and help someone in the process.

3. Always believe they are more capable with their talent then they think. 

We all need a little push now and then.  It’s not easy to move beyond our comfort zone.  But when there is someone who truly believes in our capabilities we are more willing to stretch.  That’s how we grow.

4. Offer a book or website that deals in developing their talent.

A talent that doesn’t grow is a talent that stagnates and atrophies.  Ever hear someone say they’re “a little rusty” in an area.  It’s time to sand the rust off and hone those skills.

5. If they lack in an area, offer the name of someone who is a natural to help them.

As a community, we are all here to help each other.  It’s about give and take.  We don’t have to be good at everything.  We just need to know where the resources are.

6. Don’t be stingy with your talent.  Offer it to them in some way.  

Show someone that you’re willing to use your talent to help others.  Be an example of encouragement and support.  Let others know that your talents are available to those around you.  Everyone’s a winner when everyone shares.


Create a community around you that can help you win.  Contribute your talents and your encouragement.  An investment in others is an investment in yourself.

How have you invested in someone else? I’d love to hear your comment.

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