Sculpting Your Inner Artist

artist, creative, nourish, feed, potential

artist, creative, nourish, feed, potentialThere is an artist inside of you.

Even if you have a hard time believing it’s true.

Your artist is the real you.  It is your potential.  Pure and innocent.  It is the stored kinetic energy.  Creativity waiting for an opportunity to be turned loose.

Think of your artist as a young, timid but brilliant child that lives in your soul. It has to be handled gently and nurtured with great care. It must be coaxed out and given a safe place to belong.  It must be fought for and protected.

You need to be aware of what your creativity needs and what is harmful to its growth.

Some things that can repress your inner artist are:

  • Man-made drama
  • Mental clutter
  • Emotional confusion
  • Environmental shifts
  • Whims of opinionated people
  • Too much verbal adversity
  • Negative stimulation

All these things can send your artist into hiding.

What can you do to nourish and protect your artist?

  • Prune away people who create drama in your life.  Ain’t no one got time for that.
  • Carefully examine your social media feed.  Remove those who fuel your frustrations and jealousies.  No matter who they are.  You have no obligation to view the intricacies of their lives.
  • Let your time alone be sacred and unadulterated by fits of melodrama.
  • Take time to be quiet.
  • Let your mind flow freely.
  • Check in with yourself a few times each day.  How are you feeling?  What are you needing?
  • Ask your artist what she/he wants to do next.

Potential is nothing until its energy is released.  Freeing your inner artist isn’t like releasing a rubber band.  It’s not an energy that’s waiting to burst forth.  It’s more like excavating.  Or perhaps sculpting.  Removing all the parts of your life that don’t look like your artist.

Michelangelo once said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”  You have an artist in you.  You have to chisel away the excess until you set it free.

Your artist needs room to breathe and grow.  Life is often harsh and the conditions are rocky and smothering.   Cares of life will easily use up the resources that fuel your creativity.  Your artist needs you to make room for creativity by meticulously removing the things that hinder and restrict the freedom of creating.

When you have chiseled away to reveal your artist, your life will have clarity.  Your focus will become sculpted and defined.  Your art will reflect your true self.  Your potential will be released in a beautiful and satisfying way.

It won’t be long if you keep up the process of pruning your life until your artist’s thoughts will become your thoughts.  You will no longer feel the conflict between your creativity and your obligations. Belief and confidence in yourself will make you a strong and thriving creative.  When you and your artist become one and the same person, your art will become a shadow of the divine perfection.

You will finally believe in your artist.

What are somethings that you need to change to protect and nourish your inner artist?  What would your artist like to do next?  Comment here.

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