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purpose, change, art, Torres, immortal

purpose, change, art, Torres, immortal

Creation: the act of bringing something into being that would not naturally occur or that isn’t made by an ordinary process.

The mind is infinite.

There is no end to what you can think, imagine, and dream.  There is also no way to capture an idea unless you put it in solid form.  When you create something, no matter the medium, you are taking the abstracts in your mind and making them very tangible.

The most important part of your life happens inside your mind.  Your feelings of love, purpose, hope, excitement, and adventure are internal.  Your emotions are the reason why you do something, continue to do something, or step away from something.

The interactions you have with people, your family, your friends, your not-so-friends, all leave you with impressions that you react to.  How people and events make you feel guide the direction of your life.

What tokens will there be from you that leave a lasting impression and show who you really were?

The people closest to you will know how you made them feel.  If you were kind, encouraging, empathetic.  But the thing about the feelings you leave behind, they die in a generation or two.  As soon as there is a generation in which you haven’t had contact with, your legacy is lost.

You want to be remembered.  We all do.  That’s why you search for a purpose.  A niche.  A meaning.  That’s why you create.  So there will be some physical reflection of who you were.

Creation makes the unknown known.  It makes the mortal immortal.

Your art, writings, music, and designs are all unique to you.  They are as much you as your fingerprint.  It’s your identity.  Something that can never be original again no matter how many times it’s copied.  Your creativity can live on forever and continue to make a difference in how people feel long after your gone.

Why do you create?  What impressions do you want to make on people?  Share your comments here.

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