I Did All That To Do This

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True Story

Beep! Beep! Beep!  My coffee pot gives the ominous warning that its time is up and it auto shuts off.

Just one more cup is all I’ll need to get through the rest of the day.  I dump the cold remains of the last cup that had been forgotten in my attempts to be productive and rinse out the mug in the sink.  The mug that says, “Life begins after coffee.”

I slide the empty mug under the fill spout and press the button.  Hot coffee pours into it.  I set my steaming coffee on the marble counter to wait while I retrieve the cream from the fridge. When I set it down, I notice the bag of dog treats sitting wide open on the side board.  I look in and there is only a half of a dog bone left in the bag.

I pull out the dog treat and call the dog over.  He comes running excitedly.  He jumps for his treat and runs off to munch on it.  I take the empty bag to the trash can next to the kitchen sink.

Behind the stainless faucet I notice a cleaning rag that’s been left out for two days.  I’m cleaning up the house today and so I grab it before I forget about it and toss it down the basement stairs.  I’ll take it the rest of the way down later for the next load of laundry.

Then I remember that there are other dirty cleaning rags in my housekeeping bucket from the last job I had.  I locate the bucket and toss those cloths down the basement stairs too.

Beside the toaster, on the counter next to the basement door, there is an empty soda can left there by one of the kids.  I pick it up to take to the recycling and remember that I saw a few other empties in the living room.  I retrieve all of them before stepping outside to add them to the recycling bin.

Upon coming back inside, I remember that I had been in the process of sorting through some mail on the kitchen table earlier in the morning.  I pick up an old newspaper that had been left out because it had a picture of my kids in it and decided to clip the picture and throw away the paper.

I throw out the leftover newspaper and see some paintbrushes beside the kitchen sink that had been left to dry after the last art project.  The box of art supplies is right next to the box of photos and keepsakes, so I grab them up to put away while I store the newspaper clipping.

I’m feeling productive and creative thoughts are flowing.  Now would be a good time to sit down and write a few articles about what I’m thinking.

I head to my chair and then stop because I really like to have a hot cup of coffee by my side while I write.

Oh, yeah! Coffee!

It’s still sitting on the counter waiting for cream.  I head for the fridge as my mind back tracks through all the activities it took to finally arrive there.

I pour the cream into my still hot coffee.  I return the cream to fridge, collect my coffee mug and sit down to write.

So, I did all that to do this.

Whoa!  Can you relate?  In an attempt to be productive, I’m incredibly scattered!  What do you do to keep yourself organized and moving forward in an orderly fashion?  I need help.  Leave your best tip in the comments

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  1. I CAN RELATE!!!! I am very “new” to the process. Only two blog posts in, after an initial failed attempt with (brace yourself) 3 posts! Well….. so I have been running around the house all day, to get some time to go on facebook and read through the 30 days of hustle to LEARN from others and define thoughts, etc…. WELL…. i have done so much of “that” today before doing what I want to do…. and now I have to stop because I’m hungry and thirsty. At least you had your coffee ready 🙂

  2. Haha! I really did have a great thought to share today, but I just kept getting in my own way and this is what came out instead. Blogging is easiest and most fun when it flows freely. I’ll have to check out your blog!

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