How Can I Get Over It? – Words of Wisdom

get over it, bother, trouble, let it go

get over it, bother, trouble, let it goSomething is troubling you.  Your spirit is vexed.  Your mind is cluttered.  There’s this thing that you just can’t get let go.  Just when you think you’ve got it figured out and laid it to rest, it rears up again.

Those same old feelings of frustration and aggravation come at you again.  It bothers you.  And the fact that it bothers you bothers you also.

Why can’t you just get over it??

It’s easy to hide behind phrases like, “Let it go” and “I don’t care.”  But you do care and you can’t let it go.  Saying these phrases only shows that it hurts you deep inside and you can’t stop thinking about it.

But you should care.  And, why doesn’t it bother everyone??

Some situations don’t have an answer.  They just don’t.  I wish you could fix it.  I wish it would work out right.  I wish truth and justice always had their way.  But that’s not always the case.

So, how do you get over it?

Get out from under it.

You have to take the high road.  Get your thoughts above the negativity.  Think of lighter, happier, glorious things and let the junk slide off your back.

The negative feelings of aggravation and frustration are restrictive.  They narrow your focus until you can’t see beyond what’s troubling you.  They also affect your expressions, your posture, and your speech.

Here’s a trick.  When you notice your thoughts lingering on troubles, change your position.  Roll your shoulders back. Open your palms up.  Breathe deep.  Let your thoughts go higher.  Soar above the trouble.  Leave the heaviness on the ground.

Look up!  

You don’t have to get over it as in forget about it or pretend it’s all okay.  But you do have to get your mind above the problems.  It doesn’t go away, but the scenery is lovelier.  It’s peaceful above the turmoil.

You can chose to find the sunny side.  And the sun is always shining above the clouds.

Are you struggling with something that just won’t leave you alone?  What ways have you tried to get over it? Comment here.

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