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Masterpiece, life, simplify, mental clutter, clutter, distraction, obstacle

Masterpiece, life, simplify, mental clutter, clutter, distraction, obstacle

In a small house, it’s easy to go from clean to cluttered in just a few minutes.  When things get left out of place or something new comes into the house that doesn’t yet have a place, the flow of traffic becomes hindered.  Suddenly you’re reaching around, tripping on, and stepping over things that are in the way.  It’s only okay for a short while.  Then it’s down-right annoying.

I have a couple of pear trees on the property.  They were loaded down with pears this year.  I’ve seen entire crops of pears lost to crows, turkeys, and wind storms.  I was determined to harvest my pears this year before they were lost. With the help of some friends, we relieved those two pear trees of nearly 300 lbs of fruit.  And stacked it all up in my kitchen.  

I’ve given away a bunch already but after 5 days there are still boxes of fruit stacked in my kitchen.  There isn’t anywhere else to put them until they finish ripening and I can preserve them.  They block the cabinets, are in the direct path to the trash can, and leave very little space to get through to the basement and garage.  I bump into them countless times a day.

There are things in your life that you bump up against constantly too.  Maybe it isn’t physical clutter.  Maybe it’s mental clutter.  There’s that thing that irritates you but you keep working around it and trying to ignore it.  Some unfinished business perhaps.  It’s become a bottle neck that hinders the flow of everything else in your life.  Every time you think of something you want to do or accomplish, that thing gets in the way.

Nothing else can happen until it’s put away.  

These things have to be addressed.  They don’t go away on their own.  In fact, if it’s left too long, it will begin to rot into a mess and stink up your attitude.  Not only will it affect your life but it will have an impact on those who share your space.

The task may seem daunting.  It might be a big project and a long process.  Putting away 300 lbs of pears is going to be a big job.  But once they are canned, frozen, dried, or given away, I won’t have to think of them again.

Get your hands on that obstacle in your life.  Pick it up, process it, put it away, let it go, or find someone to take it.  Just take care of business.  Decide that today is the last day you ever bump into that heap of stuff again.  And then make it happen.

Take note of the things you mentally bump into every day.  Then edit your life accordingly.  Life will never be smooth sailing, but you have the ability to move the obstacles.  You don’t have to become frustrated or hindered by them.  Your life is your masterpiece.  Build it the way you want it.

Have you ever had to face an obstacle that hindered your personal progress?  What did it feel like when it was finally put away?  You can share your comments here.

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