Don’t Drown. Stand Up.

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stand, overwhelm, forward, life, dreams Some people have a fear of water.  Just getting near water gives them anxiety.  They can’t swim and they fear drowning.

That’s a healthy fear, if you can’t swim.  And you’re in deep water.

If you’re jumping over a puddle or crossing a creek or wading in a kiddie pool, the fear is unnecessary.  While it’s true that a person can drown in a small amount of water, it’s impossible to drown as long as your head remains above the water.  Water can only enter your lungs through your nose and mouth.

Life can be overwhelmingly heavy.  We get bogged down with schedules, responsibilities, expectations, chores, jobs, and side-hustles. Not to mention people, politics, money, relationships, and emotions. That’s a lot to lay on one person’s shoulders.  Yet every one of us have these loads to carry.

We have our individual ways of carrying our loads.  Some like to carry it in their arms so they can keep their hands on everything all at once.  They want to feel in control of everything but often feel out of control while they juggle it all at once.

Others will sling their loads on their backs so they can stay focused on moving forward.  The projects aren’t managed the best (Out of sight, out of mind.) but they get where they want to be.

And some are forever dropping their load or trying to get someone else to take responsibility for it.  They don’t want to be bothered with carrying it at all.  They feel it’s their right to be free of their responsibilities.

We all get to carry the same loads. It’s our responsibility as human beings.  Yes, it gets heavy sometimes and you have to take a break.  That’s fine. But don’t sit down.  Sitting down is called giving up. 

Most adults can stand in a 4-foot pool and be completely safe from the possibility of drowning.  But if you decide to sit down, that’s when the danger happens.  Suddenly, the amount of water that was safe is now overwhelming.

The difference between standing and sitting in life is a change of mind.  Just one decision.  But the effects of that decision have critical consequences.

While sitting down might seem restful, it puts you in danger.  Your head goes underwater and your ability to get to dry land disappears.  Your decision to fold your legs takes away your hope of survival.

Don’t give up on life.  Don’t give up on your dreams.  Don’t sit down no matter how overwhelmed you feel.  Don’t drown when you can make the one decision to stand up.  

If you feel like your drowning, check your position.  Are you taking life standing up or sitting down?  Stand up.  Put one leg in front of the other and keep moving forward.  You’re going to make it.

Are you struggling to stay standing?  How do you cope when your load gets heavy?  You can share your responses here. 

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