Do You Know the Authentic You?

truth, dream, should, do, authentic, honest, love

truth, dream, should, do, authentic, honest, love

Truth be told

If you wrote down all the things you love to do, how would it compare to what you are doing now?  Go ahead and write down your “love” list.  Seriously.  I’ll wait.

Assuming you really wrote your list down, let’s test your honesty.  What things weren’t on the list and it surprised you?  What things did you put on the list because you SHOULD love it?  What things didn’t you write down but you really wanted to?

All too often we get hung up on what we think we should be doing instead of doing the things that we really should be doing.  We neglect the things that we were created to do, to do the things that we think others would expect us to do.

Where do we get these mixed messages?  I don’t really know but I have a hunch that it comes from comparing ourselves to others.

Imagine this scenario: Your friend is a health nut.  She runs every morning, eats clean, and takes bathroom selfies at the gym to show off her abs.  You… well, you know you should want to do all those things, (except for the bathroom selfies #enoughisenoughalready) but you just don’t get a high out of it like she does.  You’re conscious about what you eat.  You get outside and try your best to be active.  Do you love to exercise?  Be honest.  No.  So don’t tell yourself you love to exercise.  Instead, admit that you love to take walks outside in the evening but running a marathon is just not your thing.

Stop kidding yourself.  We’re so programmed to say we like something or “Mmm, It’s good,” when it’s not, so other people won’t know the truth.  The problem is that, eventually, you won’t know the truth either.

I heard a story of a wife who made her husband’s sandwich every morning before he went to work.  Every morning she put mustard on his sandwich.  For years.

Then one day his mother came to visit.  She made her son a sandwich and didn’t put mustard on it because “he doesn’t like mustard.”

Of course this led to a confrontation by his wife to find out if he did or didn’t like mustard.  He admitted that no, he really didn’t like mustard on his sandwich.  He thought that by saying nothing about it he was being supportive of his wife.  But she felt like he had been hiding his true feelings about mustard from her for years.

It’s a funny story, but it makes a point.  When you won’t admit that you dislike something in your life, you end up doing it for a long, long time.  You put on a happy face and try to do it willingly.  It creates a false impression on those around you.  And, you know what?  You can’t keep it up forever.  At some time it’ll come out.  Inevitably, it will hurt someone’s feelings and you’ll be caught in the middle.

So I’m challenging you to be honest with yourself and with those around you.  Stop saying yes to the things that don’t matter to you.  Instead, turn you efforts on the things that you really love to do. When you become the true, authentic YOU, then you are equipped to go make a difference in your world.

What did you learn about yourself as you wrote out your list?  Are you guilting yourself into some things?  Leave your comment here.

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