Building Your Future One Brick at a Time

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information, action, relationships, dream, wish, work, brick, It’s good to look to the future.  It’s coming sooner than you think.  If you don’t have a plan or something to aim for, you won’t end up where you want to be.  Zig Ziglar said,”If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it everytime.”

The opposite extreme is that some people have their head stuck in the clouds.  All they do is think of what they want to be, what they want to have, and what would make them happy.  But they neglect to take the steps to reach the dream. They are so focused on building the dream in their mind that they forget to gather the bricks they need now.

A goal without a plan is called a WISH.

Achieving success requires work and measurable goals.  Every action, lesson, and mistake is a building block.  When you ask questions and seek advice, you’re gathering bricks of knowledge.  Every time you discuss your goals and dreams with someone close to you, you are building your relationships stronger. You’re building your future one brick at a time.

Bricks you need to succeed.

1.  Action:

You need to be dedicated to the work.  It’s not always easy or convenient.  Your hustle and your determination are what’s going to propel you forward.  No motion is backward motion because time is passing by.  Be determined to take some action every day, even if it’s a small amount.  Move forward.

2.  Information:

You need the knowledge to make wise decisions along the way.  Don’t rush into something without knowing what to expect.  It’s too easy get distracted or hung up on trivial things just by having too little information.  Read the books and talk to people who are already succeeding in your dream.  They have the experience and knowledge to help you.

3. Relationships:

You might think you can make it on your own but it’s a lonely road.  Utilize the resources you have in the relationships close to you.  There’s a wealth of wisdom and alternate points of view that can give you insight that you might not get on your own.  Besides, if you travel alone, you’ll get there alone.  Don’t leave the people that mean the most to you behind.  Involve them in the dream.  It’s nicer when you have someone to walk with you.

If you don’t take the time NOW to start gathering your resources, you’re in for disappointment and frustration.  Someday, when you think you should be “arriving” at your final destination, you’ll find yourself miles off target.

Dream, yes.  But plan more.  Define your dream into actionable goals.  Seek out the information you’ll need before you rush into a decision.  Lean on your relationships.  You’ll want them with you to celebrate when reach your final destination.

How are you putting the work into your dream?  Where do you need to go to get the information you need to proceed?  Who have you invited to go with you? Reply in the comments. 

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