Benefits of Saying Thank-You

Benefits of Saying Thank-You

I’ve often thought about sending out more thank-you notes.  Just to show some appreciation for others around me.  To say, “Hey, I want you to know your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed.  I appreciate you!”

For some reason though, I’ve never really got around to it?  I think I’ve finally figured out why.  I’m scared.

  • It’s humbling.  I’m admitting that I was lacking in some area and the help I received from this person was needful.  That’s okay.  Come down off your pedestal.  We all need help now and then.
  • It makes me vulnerable. Because it brings out real human emotion.  Opening up to someone else in authentic human interaction also opens you up to criticism.  Which is, of course, an irrational fear.  I mean, really?  Who is going to criticize you for appreciating them?  I’m an introvert.  It’s a constant fear.  Irrational and constant. But not impossible to overcome.
  • My motivation will be questioned.  Won’t they think I’m trying to butter them up so I can ask for some huge favor?  Not entirely.  Although that isn’t my main motivation, it does play a part.  I want to be surrounded by helpful people.  I want wisdom and talent on my side.  Even if it comes from others.

Looking my fears in the face makes them seem so much smaller.  I’ve laid out some of the benefits that I would gain by simply saying “thank-you” to people that have been there for me in some way.


 5 Benefits of Saying Thank-You

1.  It draws people in.

By opening yourself up to others, you widen your personal sphere.  You allow others access to a piece of your life.  That can be a very good thing because you may need to draw on the strength and talents of others sometime in the future.  It’s easier to ask for help from someone who is in your personal sphere of influence.

2.  You gain credibility in others’ lives.

If you can show appreciation for good work, than you must know what good work looks like.  That also means you have more room to offer insight to help someone improve their skills.  Criticism should always be sandwiched between compliments.

3.  It boosts others’ confidence.

Think about it.  By saying thank-you, you just gave a compliment.  You’re saying that whatever the other person did was worthy of appreciation.

I don’t keep birthday cards, but I do keep thank you notes.  Not “thanks for the gift cards,” but thanks for your hard work, thanks for your help, thanks for your support, thanks for being a friend, type cards.  It’s a reminder that something I did made a difference to someone else.

4.  It makes others feel worthwhile.

Maybe the motivation behind what they did was only obligation or expectation.  You just took a meaningless activity (to them), and turned it into a feather in their cap.  They didn’t expect recognition, but receiving it is a blue ribbon.

5.  It builds a support team.

By saying thank-you, you’re putting helpful people in your corner.  You become a person who is easy to help because everyone wants to be appreciated.


Do you know who it’s easy to do things for?  Thankful people.  Become one.  Say thank-you to someone who has done something small for you.  Reap the benefits.

BTW/ I sent out 3 thank you cards this week.  Guess what I got back?  “Thanks for the card! It meant so much to me.”

High five, Me!


What’s you’re favorite way to say thank-you?  Text? E-mail? Card?  Leave a comment!


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