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have it all, busy, crazy, life, creative, time,

have it all, busy, crazy, life, creative, time,

A Praise for the Creatively Wrecked

You are a genius.

You, who write in 3 journals at once.

You have a journal for ideas, one for notes, and one to document your life.

Your most excellent, extraordinary, ordinary, hectic, busy, boring life.

You write articles and clean toilets.

You create beauties from scraps of yarn and fold laundry like a pro.

You create lesson plans and school your children at your dining table,

While cooking dinner, making jam, and playing phone counselor.

You shun hairspray and adorn extremely sensible shoes.

Or, more often, no shoes.

Shoes mean going out. There’s no time for that.

You have guest posts to write, photos to edit, and crafts to sell.

Your website needs updating, you missed the webinar, you have 200 unread emails.

You have self-imposed adult homework to do.

You love it. You know you do.

You creative genius, you.

You’re creating flyers, advertising seminars, and designing sales funnels.

There’s that agricultural fair to go to, the reenactment to see, and exhibit at the Capitol.

You have choir practice, church service, and Sunday naps.

The wisdom of the world sits on your bookshelf.  You must find time to read just one more.

You’re a wiz with a hot glue gun and make all your gifts by hand.

You make your bread from scratch and raise chickens.

You wonder why you can’t fit in that drawing class or keep the kitchen table cleaned off.

The days fly by and you wonder how you could waste so much time.

After all, the bed still isn’t made and you barely got a shower today.

That e-course you were going to write is still only an idea in the back of your mind,

And a few notes in your idea journal.

The dishes are done, the floor is swept, the menu planned.

Groceries, banking, and errands on Friday.

You have appointments and volunteer work this week.

You read about minimalism and dream of empty rooms.

So you box up some excess, but let it set in your living room.

You creative genius, you.  Life is so dull.

Why can’t you keep up? Move forward? Reach the dream?

How could you get so little done in a day?

You should exercise more.  Call home. Send out thank-you cards.

Your to-do list only gets longer as the back-log gets bigger.

Simplify. Say no.  Clear your plate.

Say no to what?

The kids? The housework? Helping? Reading? Creating?

You wanted it all. You got it. It’s all good. Keep it.

Don’t call yourself lazy one more time.

You’re creative.  And we love you for it.

You have creative, mommy, homeschooling, housewife superpowers.

You creative genius, you.

You may feel like you never get anything done.  You may only see the opportunity cost when you spend your time.  If you spend your time housekeeping, you could have been creating something.  When you spend your time creating, you should have been doing housekeeping.

You do.  That’s all.  And that’s a lot.

Be so thankful that you have so much to be thankful for.

I’d rather be creatively wrecked than bored.

What do you spend your days doing?  Do you feel like you should always be spending your time doing something else?  Leave your comment here.

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  1. I love this post!!! Just what I needed today. I’m NOT lazy… I do a lot of wonderful things every day. I just need to be patient. <3 <3

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