31 Ways to Share Happiness

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share, happiness, kindness, random acts,Have you ever been in a funk and out of the blue someone does something nice and completely unexpected for you?  Sometimes the littlest things can turn your whole day around.

I remember one time when I was having a rough day.  It just seemed like I was behind on everything and all my plans were falling through.  My mood was going from bad to worse which is never helpful on bad days.  I decided to swing through a local coffee shop drive-thru for a cup of coffee.  I needed something caffeinated to keep me from calling the day an utter waste.

I ordered a medium coffee and a muffin and pulled up to the window to pay.  The manager of the store handed me my coffee and muffin bag and told me that my order was on him.  They were randomly picking customers and giving them their orders for free.

My coffee and muffin cost less than $3 but the gesture meant so much to me on a day when everything seemed to be going wrong.  Now I can’t even remember the specifics of that day, except that my favorite coffee shop gave me free coffee and changed my mood completely.

You can be on the look out for opportunities to do small things to perk up someone else’s day.  Here is a list of 31 little ways to make someone’s day.  Go crazy! Try one a day for a whole month!  Take note of the reaction of the person receiving your kindness and also how you felt doing it.

31 Ways to Share Happiness

  1. Send good morning text
  2. Tell a lame joke (is there any other kind?)
  3. Buy a coffee for someone
  4. Give someone a flower, even a weed (buttercup not a dandelion)
  5. Write a poem (maybe a haiku)
  6. Give a card
  7. Balloon (animal)
  8. Share a book
  9. Sing a song for someone
  10. Wish a very merry unbirthday
  11. Dedicate a day to helping someone
  12. Bake cookies/ cake
  13. Say I love you
  14. Send a selfie and message saying “I’m wearing the smile you gave me.”
  15. Share a YouTube video
  16. Go for ice cream
  17. Bring socks, underwear, razors, toothpaste to homeless shelter.
  18. Visit a shut in
  19. Send quote or scripture
  20. Leave a 50% tip
  21. Pay someone’s parking
  22. Put coins in the soda machine
  23. Deliver dog food to the animal shelter
  24. Leave coupons with products at the store
  25. Give a gift card or cash to a stranger
  26. Buy diapers for a new mom.
  27. Babysit for young couple for free
  28. Send flowers to someone at work
  29. Deliver a dozen donuts to a garage
  30. Leave a roll of quarters at the laundry mat
  31. Share this post!

Share a story of a time when someone did something little for you that completely made your day in the comments

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